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ROCK TRADING WORLD has a strong and multiyear experience in the European power markets being one competitor of the biggest energetic trading companies. Power trading refers to purchasing and selling power between agents in the energy industry. Several ways of power trading are possible depending on the market design, ranging from short-term trading to long-term agreements.

Whether you need to trade or consume Spot, Futures or Guarantees of Origin, feel free to ask us regarding your needs.


It is necessary to carry the gas from the producing areas, sources or storages to the consumer hubs. This needs a strong and hard management and development to overcome every deal with security and efficiency. Active in the main european hubs and trading in the main markets (as you can view at Who we are), we trade across borders, ensuring efficiency competitiveness. Our international team, with a wide experience based on our long-lived client connections, makes of us a reliable business partner.


LNG will continue to be a safe, flexible and cleaner energy source. Last year, the LNG market grew at a 13% rate compared to the previous year. It reached 354,7 MT, as published in the 2020 GIIGNL Annual Report.

The challenge is moving energy from where there's more than needed to where it's needed the most. As with natural gas, ROCK TRADING WORLD manage all the operations needed to store and carry the LNG from where it is produced to where it is needed. In terms of logistic, we have access to liquefaction and regasification capacity in the main european hubs. We have firm long-term contracts, what allows us to offer security of supply.